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Shale Play Water Management Marcellus & Utica 2013

The Shale Play Water Management: Marcellus & Utica Initiative is coming back for its third annual year in March 2013 and this year, we are including not only leading water management solutions for the Marcellus but also for the prolific, liquids rich Utica shale play.

The newly researched, re-developed and action-focused agenda for 2013 provides case studies from both Marcellus and Utica operators, with representation from E&P executives, senior decision makers, technical experts and strategic professionals.


COLLABORATION : How water sourcing, treatment and logistical costs are being and could be collectively reduced in the Marcellus through operator collaboration and pooled resources. In addition to the case study, the initiative will also be introducing an exclusive action break-out session offering delegates the chance to discuss collaboration opportunities with peer operators in the areas of West Virginia, Ohio and the four quadrants of Pennsylvania, the session, lead by E&P representatives within the area, will facilitate discussions between operators to initiate relationships for sharing fresh and recycled water, storage facilities and infrastructure and collectively reduce the cost of water management by capitalizing on economies of scale.

WELL PRODUCTION RESULTS : This year there will also be a focus on examining production results from wells fraced with flowback water over the life of a well to evaluate the long term performance impact as compared to fresh water to enable the operators to reach the lowest point of treatment expenditure without risking the performance of the frac.

PILOTING CRYSTALLIZATION : The new technology application on everyone’s lips – could crystallization reduce the costs of water treatment in the Marcellus and Utica? Hear results of the very latest trials and research using the technology to treat flowback and produced water for use in frac fluids.

REGULATORY DIALOGUE PANEL : This year, more of an interactive dialogue between E&Ps and Regulators will be facilitated focusing on how Federal, State and local water regulations relate to one another to simplify compliance processes across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. This will involve a panel and audience participation session hosting E&P and regulatory speakers and focusing on some of the newest, hottest and most ambiguous regulations affecting completions professionals in shale oil and gas production in the North East.  


The commercial potential of the Marcellus is indisputable, affirmed by recent figures showing Marcellus production doubled in 2012. This figure is remarkable when considering production was almost non-existent in 2008. Similar expansion is of course also occurring in the Utica with 25 wells being developed across 10 counties in the play in 2012 and 375 well permits being issued in Carroll County alone.

With water remaining the most competitive resource in completions during this fast paced development and the tightening of regulations surrounding water usage within Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, water management is ever more, a key competitive driver for E&P companies operating in the region.

Over two days, Shale Play Water Management: Marcellus & Utica will host speakers from the major E&P companies across both plays to deliver case studies and technical solutions on all the major aspects affecting costs and recovery:

Day one will start by evaluating how using recycled flowback water during hydraulic fracturing impacts production results. Operators will then discuss case studies on how to re-use 100% of the flowback and produced water across the Marcellus and Utica based on water quality, chemistry, testing, scaling and corrosion prevention, and new treatment technologies including crystallization to deliver cost-effective and regulatory compliant solutions. Finally completions techniques for reducing the amount of water used to frac will be shared.

Day two begins with a case study highlighting how operators have combined resources to minimize withdrawal, treatment, storage and recycling costs followed by a break out discussion that will enable idea development on future partnerships. The day then goes onto look at disposal, storage and transportation solutions that meet regulatory restrictions across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Finally water sourcing and spillage prevention are discussed to ensure water management operations remain environmentally safe.

Anadarko Corporation

'Good cross section of the industry.'


The Agenda Has Been Completely Redeveloped For 2013

You Can Expect To See The Following New Features And Learning Benefits In March:

  • WELL PRODUCTION RESULTS Examining production results over the life of a well to evaluate the long term economical impact of fracing with flowback water
  • PILOTING CRYSTALLIZATION How an E&P company has pioneered crystallization to reduce the costs of water treatment: exclusive pilot case study
  • COLLABORATION How water sourcing, treatment and logistical costs are being and could be collectively reduced in the Marcellus and Utica through operator collaboration and pooled resources
  • REGULATORY DIALOGUE PANEL An E&P-Regulator discussion on how Federal, State and local water regulations relate to one another to simplify compliance processes across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia
  • WATER MANAGEMENT IN MARCELLUS & UTICA Providing a case study to highlight the unique water management solutions required in the liquid rich Utica as compared to the Marcellus


  • WATER QUALITY Examining how to treat flowback water as little as possible without causing scaling or harming frac performance
  • WATER TREATMENT & RE-USE Comparing key performance criteria of the latest recycling technologies to enable selection of the most cost-efficient and effective flowback water treatment techniques
  • WATER STORAGE & TRANSPORTATION Evaluating transportation and storage options for taking produced and flowback water from the source to the well pad
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